Carpets in our homes and workplaces suffer a huge amount of wear every day and, if not regularly cleaned, they can collect dirt and bacteria becoming unsightly and unhygienic.

Regular cleaning can not only sanitise the surface, destroy any resident bacteria and help your carpets look great but it’s also proven to prolong the life of your carpet!

Triple Crown is based in Brighton & Hove and operates throughout surrounding areas. Our fully trained technicians, specialist tools and cleaning solutions will ensure your carpet stays fresh and clean for longer and help your home look great and feel healthier.

Hot Water Extraction

We use hot water extraction (HWE) cleaning equipment for most carpet and upholstery cleaning as it gives the deepest possible clean and consistently good results. Our eco-friendly child and pet safe specialist cleaning solutions are sprayed onto the carpet or upholstery where they begin to break down the dirt and gently lift it to the surface of the fibres where it can be removed effectively.

We don’t cut corners, so every customer receives our 5 Point cleaning process as standard


• Industrial vacuum, this can remove up to 80% of nasties and bacteria from your carpet

• Chemical spray, our cutting-edge eco-friendly chemicals are child and pet safe

• Agitation, for use on high traffic areas and stubborn stains

• Hot water extraction, will remove remaining bacteria and dirt leaving your carpet looking show room new

• Deodorise, we finish your carpets with a citrus deodoriser to leave your home smelling fresh as a daisy.

Domestic Cleaning

• Carpet Cleaning
• Rug Cleaning
• Mattress Cleaning
• Fabric sofas & furnishings

Commercial Cleaning

• Hospitality Venues
• Retirement Homes
• Schools & Collages
• Doctor Surgeries
• Crime Scene Clearance

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  • Health Benefits, Improves Air Quality in Your Home
  • Appearance, Eliminating Spots and Stains
  • Reduces Effects of Traffic Lanes, Wear and Tear
  • Prolongs Carpet Life and Carpet Warranty
  • Removal Of Dust Particles, Oils, Etc.
  • Enhances Room Appearance
  • Lessens Amount of Allergens In Your Home

Since we steam clean your carpets, they will be damp for approximately within five hours. Upholstery cleaning will take approximately 2-3 hours, and mattresses may take up to 12 hours to completely dry. You are allowed to walk on them right away after the cleaning, but please expect a little longer dry time, since you are knocking down the fibres and making it harder for air to circulate the drying process! We use pet and child proof eco-friendly chemicals in our solution and pre-treatment!

This is a question I get on a numerous basis! I can honestly tell you that it all depends on the severity of the odour! There are so many carpet cleaners that promise or guarantee that they can remove pet odour, but the odds are against them! If I walk into your residence and smell a very harsh animal odour (cat urine is the worst), I always tell the homeowner that we will not be able to remove that odour! I already know that it is a lost cause! Yes, there are masking agents that can temporarily make it smell pretty good, but the smell will come back soon! That is a guarantee! Urine goes through the backing of the carpet into the padding where it settles, causing that smell. I can tell you from experience that if it is strong, usually there are multiple accidents throughout the home. Carpet cleaners can take care of a pet accident spot, but when there are multiple accident areas throughout the home, it makes it impossible to find each one and clean it. A carpet cleaner should never penetrate the backing of your carpet into the padding with their cleaning. We deep clean to the backing of your carpet, but never does it go any further past that point! We do have a high percentage odour removal on less severe odour problems, minor accidents, etc.

Triple Crown technicians will move the following items:

  • Sofas, Chairs…etc.
  • We will not move Televisions, Computers, Entertainment Systems.
  • We only clean Traffic Areas in Bedrooms only! Unless Room is empty!
  • If you are disabled or have difficulty in moving any furniture, that’s not a problem, please inform us at the time of quotation, we may need more colleagues to help.

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